Circuit Board Protection


Environmental protection of circuits and individual components is necessary to ensure that device integrity and reliability is maintained throughout the operating life of the electronic device. Our conformal coating materials and encapsulation and potting materials are used to meet a wide range of customer PCB protection requirements – from consumer device assembly to military aerospace applications. These circuit board coating products use a range of different resin and cure chemistries to deliver outstanding environmental protection.

Typical application areas in circuit board protection are:

  • Wire bonded die
  • Consumer electronic cables and accessories
  • PCB protection

H.B. Fuller’s circuit board protection and encapsulation materials typically offer:

  • High reliability and environmental protection
  • One or two part systems
  • Different cure chemistries
  • Thermal
  • UV light
  • UV + thermal
  • UV + moisture
  • RTV (moisture cure)
  • Low shrinkage
  • High TGs
  • Low CTEs
  • Low profile heights
  • Easy processing