EternaBond® Tapes

EternaBond® RoofSeal Tape.

Roofing Tape

EternaBond® is a one-step sealant tape for virtually all roof types and roof accessories, from commercial building roofs to RVs and cargo trailers. It creates a water- and air-tight barrier that eliminates moisture without additional sealants.

Featuring MicroSealant® Technology, Eternabond tape is a 100% solids formulation of synthetic resins, thermoplastics and non-curing rubber with a built-in primer. It is bonded to a UV-stable backing. The adhesive coating is protected by a silicone release liner, to be removed prior to application.

MicroSealant® Technology

MicroSealant® Technology are specially-formulated sealants that form a stable molecular structure that is light, heat and ozone resistant. This formulation consists of synthetic polymers with a built-in primer and wide-temperature resistance that forms an instant bond to most substrates that creates a waterproof seal.

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